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Alias: D2 or D2Vital | Real Name: derek dilbeck

Derek enjoys all types of games but mainly plays Overwatch, Smite, Hearthstone, HoTS and some MMO's (WoW/GW2/Wildstar/SWTOR).

Main Focus is Overwatch & Overwatch League right now, Season 1: 70+, Season 2: 3700+.

Gaming History:
- Unreal Championship on Xbox Live Competetively in the top 3 Team Compete Clan "Gentlemen of Death [GOD]" under the alias of Dead Milkman.
- Rainbow Six & Rainbow Six: Black Arrow on Xbox Live in a top 8 Team Compete Clan under the alias of Sketchiesk8er.
- Halo 2 on Xbox Live, ranked 44 in team Hardcore under the alias of Kurrupt.
- Gears of War on Xbox Live on a top Gamebattles/MLG team "Get Treated" under the alias of Deo IXI iDe.
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Xbox Live was on multiple teams in the top 3 of gamebattles such as "Unresolved Business" & "Dominance" under the alias of Deo IXI iDe.
- World of Warcraft top 10 US 10man and top 25 US 25man raiding, 2700 rbg exp and 2400 arena exp.

Outside of gaming, Derek has a fiancée named Rashelle. He owns a computer repair company, New Dawn Technology. So, when He's not working He'll do his best to stream!

Overwatch League Profile: